the importance of metrics

Recently we decided to refine our metrics. This included removing vanity metrics from our dashboard and focusing attention on metrics that made a direct impact on our current goals.

Why are metrics important

To say that metrics are important is an understatement at best. In fact, I like to refer to metrics as the eyes of your company. Without them, you really are blind. ​ Being able to analyse your metrics based on what you do is invaluable information that can help shape a company or provide valuable feedback. For example, say we decided to try out a new strategy to increase our monthly usage; using our metrics dashboard we have real-time feedback on how effective the strategy is.

What does it all mean

While I was working on our metrics dashboard, I understood the importance of tracking our metrics and why we were doing it from a business perspective, but I also realized that these numbers reflect our impact on peoples lives. When someone moves down the funnel and into a user, there is realization of what that means. It means that another health professional is using something we made to provide better care to their patients. It feels good watching (via a slick dashboard) our product make an impact.

守: Follow the rules.

破: Break the rules.

離: Make your own rules.